Learning Together

One purpose of this blog is to LEARN together.  If you are going to teach others then YOU need to be LEARNING too.

The following books are what we are currently reading.

Innovator’s Mindset – George Couros – This is an easy read that gives good insight on how to help teachers be innovative.  I found that several of my friends had read this and even stated that it had a great impact in developing their philosophy as an instructional leader.


What Great Principals Do Differently – Todd Whitaker – This book gives practical ideas that can shape your thinking about leadership.


Shift the Monkey – Todd Whitaker – This great book gives insight for refining negativities in school culture and being a positive leader.


Get Better Faster – Paul Bambrick-Santoyo – I heard about this book this summer at our TEPSA Summer Conference.  It shares straight forward ideas on how to coach teachers in a practical way.  There are videos and a dvd to show you how to coach others effectively and to help them Get Better Faster.


Making a Difference – Steve Gilliland – “At the end of our lives, who we are and what that has contributed to the process of making a difference in people’s lives will be more important than anything we have produced or done for money, fame or power.” This book discusses purpose, passion and taking pride in everything you do.

making a difference

Anxious for Nothing – Max Lucado – I personally read this book.  As a person of faith who can become anxious very quickly, I enjoyed reading Max Lucado’s book and revisiting the scriptures where my strength comes from.

anxious for nothing

Twitter – I think we all look to Twitter as a resource for learning and inspiration.  If you are not on Twitter I would encourage you to give it a try!!


What books have YOU read that impacted your leadership?